Moffett Field AFRC

Moffett Field, CA |

Customer: Walbridge/Overaa, A Joint Venture

Architect: Barge Waggoner, Sumner & Cannon, Inc.

Mechanical Scope of Work: Design Assist of four (4) make up air units (MAU), one thousand two hundred (1200) feet of infrared tube heater, six (6) inline vehicle exhaust fans, and associated ducts

Architectural Sheet Metal Scope: Provided labor, material, and equipment to "Design Assist" the architectural sheet metal scope of work which include the following:

  • Aluminum Coping System
  • Grace Ultra Underlayment for coping system
  • Counterflashing/Reglet system
  • Aluminum Metal Soffit Paneling
  • Copper Head Flashing
  • Aluminum Box Gutter with Expansion Joints
  • Downspouts
  • Aluminum Conductor Heads and Scuppers
  • Aluminum Overflow Scuppers
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"Apex Mechanical and their staff has been a pleasure to work with. Along with their accounts staff, Apex Mechanical brings a high level of professionalism to their projects."

-Karen Stern – Controller/Facility Security Officer (FSO) – Abide International, Inc.